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STEP1: Get your fat ass off the computer.
STEP2: Obviously your still on the computer if your reading this.
STEP3:Meet with people( excluding Facebook). . .The word facebook makes no sense if you think about it.
STEP4: Go out for a BRISK walk on a very hot day--- impossible to do if you think about it.
STEP6: Read step 1 and just do what it says.
STEP7: Do you even love your country, do you want America to be fat and stupid?
STEP8: Skip step 9.
STEP10: Good job you reached step 10 you are officially dead or really really fat and stupid also thank you for taking this test. . . now go and get an erection off of poorly drawn school girl anime chicks since you cant obtain a real girl. . . or guy.

Read then tell me what it is

2009-09-26 20:28:11 by TheOmiyan

Rick: Hey man.
Nick: What up.
Rick: Not much, hey did you get it?
Nick: . . .Get what?
Rick: You mean you don't have it?
Dick: Heya guy's ya'll get it?
Rick: yeah i do Nick doesn't which means he doesn't know.
Nick: what is it that I don't know.
Dick: you should know.
Nick: what don't I know. . . what should I know.
Rick: You know what we know that you don't know what we know what you should know.
Nick: . . .WTF What are trying to say.
Dick: Were saying that you do know what you don't know because we know you should know.
Nick: But I don't know.
Dick: you should know.
Nick: But I don't know!!!!
Rick:You know what you should know.
Nick:hmm... So you guy's know that i don't know what you two know because ya'll know that i know what ya'll know about what i don't know.
Rick:Now you know my friend.
Dick: What we know is what you don't know. . . or have.
Nick: Wow i feel suddenly more understanding about myself all this time i did'nt know but i did know
that i did'nt know. thanks guys.
G.O.D.: What th. . . what exactly did'nt he know.


2009-08-31 15:25:57 by TheOmiyan

Oh crap people, 3 more years until we see what's going down in 2012 are ya'll excited i'm not.
with that in mind here what could happen in 2012 1. the sun is gonna go rapid on us by firirng burst of solar radiation or solar flares 2. the galactic alinement could set off every super volcano in the world cause gravitational pressure put on to the earth 3. nuribu. . .

It would suck hard if all three of these endings were to happen at once. Although this may not be the end just the beggining what i mean that is in 2012 we will the age of aqaurias or aqaurious how ever you spell it. there are some theories saying that nothing will happen at all.

I'm not going to get in to this much just a brief of could, the worst thing about this is that i'll 18 that year one more month away from being 19 that sucks . . . i'm too young for this...or not.

It would be cool if the hand of god would like back hand nuribu into space while 7 billion people are watching, that would be epic.


hello people

2009-07-30 16:39:22 by TheOmiyan

This is a very simple question do you know?

hello people