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Read then tell me what it is

2009-09-26 20:28:11 by TheOmiyan

Rick: Hey man.
Nick: What up.
Rick: Not much, hey did you get it?
Nick: . . .Get what?
Rick: You mean you don't have it?
Dick: Heya guy's ya'll get it?
Rick: yeah i do Nick doesn't which means he doesn't know.
Nick: what is it that I don't know.
Dick: you should know.
Nick: what don't I know. . . what should I know.
Rick: You know what we know that you don't know what we know what you should know.
Nick: . . .WTF What are trying to say.
Dick: Were saying that you do know what you don't know because we know you should know.
Nick: But I don't know.
Dick: you should know.
Nick: But I don't know!!!!
Rick:You know what you should know.
Nick:hmm... So you guy's know that i don't know what you two know because ya'll know that i know what ya'll know about what i don't know.
Rick:Now you know my friend.
Dick: What we know is what you don't know. . . or have.
Nick: Wow i feel suddenly more understanding about myself all this time i did'nt know but i did know
that i did'nt know. thanks guys.
G.O.D.: What th. . . what exactly did'nt he know.


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2009-09-30 19:34:11

Random guy: .............WTF AHHHHHH -head blows up-

TheOmiyan responds:

THat's what should happen.


2009-10-23 17:31:00

Random Guy:....."head explouds"


2010-02-28 17:08:01

Lol, god all a suddenly shows up XD